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Martello Hall

Hackney’s Martello Hall was probably my favorite restaurant/bar that we visited in London. It’s a gorgeous little-bit-of-everything with a working space, kitchen, and small courtyard on the ground floor and a cozy cocktail room above. The main eating hall and work-space works on a hot-desk system—customers can pay £10 a day or £25 a month for unlimited coffee and wi-fi on weekdays from 9-5. 

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Kew Gardens

The first thing you notice about Kew Gardens is that it is huge. I mean, truly gigantic. I went here very naively, expecting a single greenhouse, and I found at least three huge greenhouses, a palace, two restaurants, some art galleries, teepees (?), and a treetop walkway. And that’s all in addition to the sprawling garden grounds. Apparently this place employs something like 750 people, which is a shit-ton. It also apparently has its own police force, and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We were here for a few hours, and we barely scratched the surface in terms of what Kew Gardens has to offer. 

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