Bradford on Avon

That we ended up in Bradford on Avon was a happy accident--I had left Airbnb searching for the Bath arm of our trip up until the very last minute, and by the time I got around to booking a place, everything I had liked in Bath was long gone. So, I widened my search radius a bit, and up popped a little place in Bradford on Avon. I am so glad. Just a ten-minute train ride away from Bath, Bradford on Avon is a charming and lively little town. If I had to choose a favorite spot on our Bath mini-trip, Bradford on Avon might just be it. 

The major must-see in Bradford on Avon is the Shambles, a short, pedestrian-only street lined with shops (including the very cute Shambles Coffee Shop--cash only). But the entire town is very walkable, and it's well-worth setting aside the hour or two it takes to just wander around. 


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