Great, Smoky

I am by no means an outdoorsy person. For the most part, I like living in NYC. I like the hustle and bustle and the people all around me and the feeling that, at any given moment, something exciting is going on. They walk at my speed here. When I go on vacation, it's only ever to other cities.

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Resist Bigly

Saturday was my first protest. This is a consequence of my being both intensely uncomfortable in large groups of people and a pragmatist (or I like to think so, anyway). Protests exist for the protester--for an oppressed group, protest may feel (perhaps rightfully) like only avenue of potential change available. Protests and marches provide affirmation and solidarity and the emotional release of just doing something. All of that is important, even necessary.

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New Year, Still Me

Though I appreciate the idea of having a specific time in which to reflect on the year past and plan for the year forward, I don't like to think about New Year's Resolutions as sudden, big life changes. The whole "New Year, new me" mentality just doesn't seem useful. And why do we keep trying to make ourselves other people, anyway? Sustainable change is usually slow and steady and kind of boring. Plus, I'm wary of big, year-long commitments! When i was younger, I used to joke that my only New Year's Resolution was not to kill myself that year, because that seemed to be the only thing entirely, and consistently, within my control. I was also pretty depressed. But, I digress. Without further ado, my goal for the next year is a continuation of my goal for my past year and a goal I will likely be striving towards for the rest of my life: Think better and live better. Here's how I plan on doing it.

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So I guess I'm doing this

I've been thinking about making a website/blog for months (years?) now, and I've always talked myself out of it. But, here I am. Don't tell my boss(es) this is what I've been doing with my Saturday instead of working. I'm not 100% sure what this is going to be so far--a compilation of some honest oversharing, travel guides, and photography projects, I suppose. How big a portion each of these components will take--who knows. It's an adventure! 

Watch out for my em dashes--I use them a lot. 

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