The Foodie Bugle


What's a trip to a British city without a stop for afternoon tea? The Foodie Bugle, a tea shop and home goods and grocery store tucked away in a courtyard behind Bath Abbey, has got all sorts. It's cute, homey, and above all, incredibly cozy. I felt like I could have quite comfortably sat there sipping tea and watching people out of the window for an entire day. 

Before The Foodie Bugle was a shop, it was an online and print journal showcasing artisan chefs. This turned into a pop-up and, eventually, the permanent storefront in Bath. Nowadays, it celebrates makers of all kinds and hosts workshops in its space. If you're in Bath for an extended period of time and want to pick up a new skill, this is the place to do it. As I am writing this, some upcoming workshops at The Foodie Bugle include a knitting workshop, a workshop on houseplants and terrariums, and workshops on photography, embroidery, calligraphy, and floristry. 

More information about The Foodie Bugle can be found here