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Barber & Parlour

For whatever reason, there seems to be an uncommonly large number of barber shops that also serve coffee in London. Barber & Parlour takes that a giant leap further—it is a barber shop, a nail/eyebrow/henna parlour, a kitchen/coffee shop, a beauty and home goods store, and a cinema all in one big warehouse space. Were it not for all the other people around and the fact that this place has operating hours, this would be an agoraphobe’s paradise—you could probably spend your entire life in here quite comfortably if you were so inclined. Of course, that would make you kind of insane, but to each their own.

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Martello Hall

Hackney’s Martello Hall was probably my favorite restaurant/bar that we visited in London. It’s a gorgeous little-bit-of-everything with a working space, kitchen, and small courtyard on the ground floor and a cozy cocktail room above. The main eating hall and work-space works on a hot-desk system—customers can pay £10 a day or £25 a month for unlimited coffee and wi-fi on weekdays from 9-5. 

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Mag Cafe

I stumbled into Mag Café in the middle of the day while looking for a coffee, so I can’t comment on the food or cocktails here, but I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. The space is a bit dark, but it is filled to the brim with character and heavily decorated with antique furniture. Located right off of the Naviglio Grande, Mag Café would not be out of place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn or in 1933.

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da oTTo

One of the best examples of Milan's New World charm is the mid-century modern (a term I have recently learned while furniture shopping) paradise, oTTo. It's nestled deep in Milan's Chinatown and is a third-wave coffee shop, bar, brunch spot, and work space. They also hold regular events and workshops. If I lived in Milan, I like to think that this would be my go-to spot, but if I'm being honest, I'm probably not cool enough.

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