Museo del Novecento

I like to take my time with art, so massive, tourist-trap art museums stress me out—I’ve been to Paris twice, now, and I’ve still never stepped foot inside the Lourve. The Museo del Novecento is, gratefully, not that. Rather, it is a relatively small museum of twentieth-century Italian art located right next to the Milano Duomo. In addition to housing the very best view of the Duomo in the city, it contains works from the likes of Picasso, Modigliani, Kandinsky, and Matisse in a rare, crowd-free setting.

My personal favorite piece of their collection is Piero Manzoni’s, “Aritst’s Shit,” which is an ironic commentary on the state of contemporary art comprised of a meat can holding, well, you can figure it out. In 2015, this piece sold at Sotheby’s for 182,500 UK pounds, and here I am, telling you to go look at it, so, you know, we’re all idiots. Except maybe Manzoni. 

More information about the Museo del Novecento can be found here